Black Elementary Hiker/Biker Path

The 2021-2022 school season is upon us. We ask your cooperation in keeping the safety of our children and all residents who utilize the Black Elementary Hiker/Biker Path. Volunteer information is at the end of the article.
*Please review the map below and follow these recommendations to keep everyone safe:
The Hiker/Biker path is intended for children who are walking or riding bikes to the school, not for vehicle drop off or pick up
If you are going to park nearby and walk your child up we ask that you park only on one side of Campwood Lane and do not enter Pedernales Valley Drive or Nathan Ridge.
Do Not Block any resident’s driveway when parking your vehicle including golf carts. Residents do have the right to have vehicles towed if said vehicles are blocking the resident's driveway.
All vehicles and golf carts should remain parked until the flow of students on foot or bike has ended. It is unsafe to quickly grab a child and take off in a golf cart or vehicle to beat the flow of students
Remember Texas Law when Parking: Vehicles can’t park within 30 feet of a stop sign or 20 feet of a crosswalk. Vehicles must park in the correct direction with the right rear wheel within 10 inches of the curb. Failing to obey these laws can result in the issuance of a traffic citation
*Please help by following these recommendations in order to ensure the safety of our children!